Fragrance Descriptions




BEACH COCKTAIL - Passion fruit, mango & pineapple

BLACK RASPBERRY & VANILLA  - Juicy blend of raspberries and blackberries with a lick of vanilla

COCONUT WHIP - A burst of fresh pineapple chunks, sweet orange & creamy coconut

LEMONADE SERENADE - (IN HOUSE BLEND) - A delicious zesty fruity blend 


LEMON SLICES - Zesty lemon slices

LILT - Pineapple & Grapefruit

LIME - A zesty fresh lime fragrance

MANGO MADNESS - Fresh sliced mango in an ice sorbet

OVER THE RAINBOW - An explosion of fruits with a lick of vanilla 

PEACH - Ripe peaches and creamy vanilla

PINEAPPLE - Ripe pineapple slices

PINK PINEAPPLE (IN HOUSE BLEND)- Juicy pineapple chunks with pink sugar

​RASPBERRY, STRAWBERRY & GUAVA - Fresh raspberry, strawberry and guava


SATSUMA - Juicy satsumas


STRAWBERRY - Juicy strawberries with a dusting of sugar 





BABY BEDTIME BATH - Relaxing bedtime blend of lavender, chamomile, mandarin and neroli


BLUE LENORA - Spring flowers​, patchouli & cedar


COCONUT SURF - Creamy grated coconut, vanilla, amber & musk liquid detergent

DEEP SEA LAUNDRY - Fresh laundry drying in the ocean air


DOWNY BLUE - Rose, jasmine & lilac


DUVET DAY - Clean and warm sheets from the dryer


EXOTIC BLOOM - Peach blush, vanilla, rose de main & freesia


FAIRY BUBBLES - Baby soft fabric conditioner


FAIRY DREAMS (IN HOUSE BLEND) - A warm cuddle of lavender, cedar wood, jasmine, silky vanilla with snuggly soft fairy bubbles

FRESH BEDDING - Fruity, floral laundry blend

GAIN LAUNDRY- Beautiful washing powder fragrance

GRANDMAS MANGLE - Squeaky clean laundry scent


ICY LAUNDRY (IN HOUSE BLEND) - Fresh mint and laundry


LAUNDERETTE - Tangy lime, zesty lemon, mandarin orange & cotton blossom

LAVENDER COMFORTS - Lavender, amber, sandalwood, rosemary & apricot


LAVENDER DREAMS - A warm cuddle of lavender, cedar wood, jasmine & silky vanilla


LINEN FRESH - Classic cotton & delicate violet

LOVE BUBBLES (IN HOUSE BLEND) - Mandarin, bergamot, orange, peach with baby soft laundry

 ​MISMATCHED SOCKS - A lovely fresh soapy washing powder fragrance

NARANJA LAUNDRY (IN HOUSE BLEND) -Juicy satsumas with spin dry


PEACHY CLEAN (IN HOUSE BLEND) Georgian peach with our spin dry laundry


PINK LAUNDRY (IN HOUSE BLEND) - Sweet laundry blend


PINK LAUNDRY BOMB (IN HOUSE BLEND) -​ Sweet perfumes blended with a touch of laundry


PINK & PURPLE DREAMS (IN HOUSE BLEND) - Cotton candy, vanilla, caramel, bergamot, strawberry with a cuddle of lavender, cedar wood, jasmine & silky vanilla

PINK SPIN DRY (IN HOUSE BLEND) Whipped vanilla chiffon, pink petals & our crisp spin dry scent

PURPLE LAUNDRY (IN HOUSE BLEND) - Sweet grapes with laundry

RUBY JASMINE - Fruity, floral fabric conditioner

SPIN DRY - Fresh crisp laundry scent

STRAWBERRY COMFORTS - Fruity floral laundry blend

SUMMER BOUQUET - Rose, peony and freesia

SUMMER BREEZE - Beautiful fabric conditioner fragrance 

TEDDY BEAR BLANKET - Soft warming laundry blend


TUMBLE DRYER - Gain, summer breeze & spin dry


TWILIGHT GARDEN - Jasmine, moon lily, ylang and white musk

WASHING DAY - Summer breeze, gain and laundry


WASHING LINE - Fresh laundry blowing in the wind

YELLOW LENORA - White musk, sandalwood and spring flowers

ZESTY LINEN - Lime, lemon, orange with washing powder




CHERRY TOBACCO - Succulent dark cherries with crushed pipe tobacco leaves

DARK MELODY - Patchouli and oakmoss in a base of amber, neroli & musk


DRAGON'S BLOOD - Patchouli, vanilla, musk and sandalwood

EGYPTIAN DRAGON -Dragons blood, patchouli & myrrh

FROZEN LAKE - Lavender, juniper berries & eucalyptus


THE STUDY - Cedarwood, incense, dark tobacco, sandalwood & patchouli

VANILLA SANDALWOOD - Luscious rich vanilla and earthy indian sandalwood





BLACK CLOUDS (IN HOUSE BLEND) - Sweet raspberries with our powdery vanilla


BON BON - Neroli, orange blossom, sandalwood, jasmine, vanilla & caramel

COCOA & PATCHOULI - Gorgeous perfume with Vanilla pods, amber, pink peppercorns & patchouli

DRESSING ROOM - Powdery perfume type

FANTASY - Red lychee, kiwi, jasmine, chocolate orchid & musk


FLOWER BOMB - Freesia, rose, osmanthus, jasmine and patchouli

FOREVER RED - Pomegranate, red peony, marshmallow & apple

GLASS SLIPPER - Delicate pink orchid blossoms laid on a bed of soft warm amber


LOVE SPELL - Mandarin, bergamot, orange, peach and a hint of musk

LOVE'S THE SECRET - (IN HOUSE BLEND) Strawberry, goji berries, ripe raspberry, mandarin, bergamot, peach, orange, sandalwood & amber

LOVE UPON A CLOUD (IN HOUSE BLEND) - Mandarin, bergamot, orange, peach with our powdery vanilla


PERFUME & POETRY - Bergamot, orchid, patchouli & amber


PINK CHIFFON - Exotic fruits, vanilla orchid, sweet vanilla, soft pink petals with whipped vanilla chiffon icing

PINK CLOUDS - (IN HOUSE BLEND) Powdery vanilla with pink chiffon icing 

PINK DAISIES - Pink grapefruit, spring daisies, goji berries, apple & pear blossoms

PINK PETAL TEA CAKE - Pink rose petals, pound cake, vanilla & buttercream


PINK SUGAR -  Cotton candy, vanilla, caramel, bergamot, strawberry, plum & fig leaves


POOLSIDE BAR - Lemon, orange, pineapple, pear, nectarine and sandalwood

PURPLE DESIRES (IN HOUSE BLEND)- Juicy sweet black raspberries, fluffy marshmallow, star fruit, amber, peonies, sandalwood & champagne

SAKURA - Mimosa, jasmine, lemon oil & orange flower

SECRET WONDERLAND - Strawberry, goji berries, ripe raspberry, sandalwood & amber

TANGERINE KISS (IN HOUSE BLEND) - Sweet tangerines, vanilla, cotton candy, vanilla, strawberry

THOUSAND WISHES - Sparkling champagne, peonies, star fruit, amber & sandalwood

WISH UPON A CLOUD (IN HOUSE BLEND) -  Powdery perfume vanilla with thousand wishes



BANANA CREAM PIE - Bananas, butter, vanilla & pie crust


BANANA'S & CUSTARD (IN HOUSE BLEND) - Sliced banana's smothered in thick vanilla custard

BANANA FOSTER - Bananas, vanilla ice cream, brown sugar & caramel sauce

BANANA PUDDING - Creamy bananas with custard, meringue & vanilla wafers 

BANANA WARM MILK & SUGAR (IN HOUSE BLEND) Banana, vanilla with warm milk & sugar


BIRTHDAY CAKE - Rich yellow sponge, buttercream & icing


BOO BERRY - Blueberry, strawberries, vanilla and a sprinkle of sugar

CARAMEL CREAM - Sticky caramel, whipped cream & vanilla sugar

COCONUT SHORTBREAD - Grated coconut with butter shortbread

COOKIE DOUGH - Sugar cookie dough, french vanilla & batter

DANI'S BIRTHDAY - (IN HOUSE BLEND) Birthday cake with pink sponge, thick cream and topped with mini vanilla fudge

FROSTED FRUIT COOKIES - Orange, apple, raspberry & vanilla frosting 


HOT CEREAL - (IN HOUSE BLEND) Blueberries, strawberries, marshmallow with warm milk & sugar

ICE CREAM SCOOP BREAD - Vanilla ice cream, cookie dough & buttercream

JAMMY RICE PUDDING - (IN HOUSE BLEND) Warm rice pudding with a dollop of thick jam

LEMON GLAZED BLUEBERRY DONUT - Blueberries, donut batter with a lemon glaze

LEMON CURD - Zesty lemons, vanilla extract and sugar

LEMON ICED COOKIES - Lemon zest, cookie dough and sugar

LEMON LAVENDER SHORTBREAD - Sugared shortbread with lemon zest and a hint of Lavender

PINK TWINKIES (IN HOUSE BLEND) - Rich cake with heavy cream & pink sugar


POPCORN - Hot buttered popcorn

PUMPKIN PECAN WAFFLES - Warm pumpkin pecan waffles drenched in maple syrup and sprinkled with brown sugar

​RASPBERRY SYRUP - Sticky and sweet raspberry syrup


RED VELVET CAKE - Chocolate sponge, buttercream, vanilla & sugar


RHUBARB & PLUM BIRTHDAY - (IN HOUSE BLEND) Tart rhubarb, sweet plum and rich fluffy sponge cake

SERENDIPITY - Sweet cherries, grated coconut and a dash of orange 

 ​STRAWBERRY JAM - Sticky sweet strawberry jam

STRAWBERRY CUSTARD (IN HOUSE BLEND) - Strawberries with a dollop of thick custard

​STRAWBERRY WHITE CAKE - Fresh white cake with juicy strawberries

SUMMER SCOOP - Fresh strawberries with ice cream


VANILLA ICE CREAM - This is so good, thick whipping cream, sugar & vanilla extract


WILDBERRY MOUSSE - Wild berries, vanilla & cotton candy

ZUCCHINI BREAD - Fresh creamy zucchini bread





AFTER EIGHT MINT - Dark bitter chocolate with peppermint fondant

BLACKBERRY LEMONADE - Fruity blackberries, sweet raspberries & zesty lemonade


BUBBLEGUM - Pink bubblegum, takes you back to your childhood

CALL THE DENTIST - ( IN HOUSE BLEND)- Pink sugar, marshmallows, bubblegum & ice cream


CAPPUCCINO - Fresh coffee with cream and lashings of sugar


CANDY LAND (IN HOUSE BLEND) -  Fluffy cotton candy, squishy marshmallows and strawberries

CHERRY LIPS  - Sweet cherry gummy sweets with almond tones

CHERRY SLUSHIE - Tart cherries with crushed iced

COLA BOTTLES - Fizzy chewy cola sweets


COTTON CLOUDS - (IN HOUSE BLEND)  Sweet fluffy blend with a hint of mint

FOAM BANANA - Banana & vanilla

FIZZY LACES - Pineapple, lemon, lime & raspberry

FIZZY POP - Pineapple, lemon, lime & orange

FRUITY MARSHMALLOWS  - (IN HOUSE BLEND)  Pineapple, tangerine, strawberry and fluffy marshmallows


GRAPE BUBBLEGUM - Sweet & sticky grape bubblegum


GUMMY BEARS - Chewy fruity gummy bears

GUMMY SLUSHIE - Mango, lime, orange & grapefruit


HOT CHOCOLATE - Creamy hot cocoa with marshmallow


ICE CREAM SUNDAE (IN HOUSE BLEND) Strawberry, peach, land of cotton candy and a scoop of ice cream


JELLY TOTS - Strawberry, raspberry, lemon, lime & orange


JUICY FRUITS - Fruity bubblegum blend with cinnamon

LIME SHERBET - Zesty lime sherbet


LAND OF COTTON CANDY - Strawberries, raspberry, sweet vanilla & sugar crystals

LAND OF COTTON CANDY ICE CREAM - (IN HOUSE BLEND)  Strawberries, raspberry, sweet vanilla, sugar crystals with a scoop of vanilla ice cream

LEMONADE - Freshly squeezed lemonade 

MARSHMALLOW - Fluffy pink & white sweet marshmallows


MINT CRUMBLES - Sugar, butter & peppermint


MINTY MARSHMALLOWS - (IN HOUSE BLEND)  Fluffy peppermint scented marshmallows


ORANGE SHERBET - Fizzy orange sherbet


PICK N MIX - (IN HOUSE BLEND) Apple candy, cherry drops, banana, orange, marshmallow, pineapple & whipped cream


- PINEAPPLE ICE CREAM - (IN HOUSE BLEND)  Ripe pineapple chunks with a scoop of vanilla ice cream 

PINK LEMONADE - Sweet berries and old fashioned lemonade

PINK MARSHMALLOWS - (IN HOUSE BLEND)  Fluffy marshmallows with pink sugar

PURPLE COW -(IN HOUSE BLEND) Sweet grape kool aid & vanilla ice cream


PURPLE RAIN ​- Lemon, lime, cranberry & vodka


REFRESHERS - Lemon & strawberry sweets


RIBENA - Blackcurrant juice

RHUBARB & CUSTARD - Tart rhubarb and thick vanilla custard

RHUBARB & CUSTARD ICE CREAM - (IN HOUSE BLEND)  Tart rhubarb, thick vanilla custard and a scoop of vanilla ice cream

ROCK CANDY - Strawberries, raspberries, icy peppermint & rock candy


SCREWBALL- (IN HOUSE BLEND)  Ice cream swirled with raspberry ripple and a bubblegum base


SALT WATER TAFFY - Fruity, sticky sweet candy chews

SPACE DUST - Fizzy, crackly dust that makes your tongue pop


STRAWBERRY DAIQUIRI - Fresh strawberries, bitter lemon zests and a lick of vanilla

STRAWBERRY MILK (IN HOUSE BLEND)  - Fresh strawberries with sweet warm milk & sugar

SUGAR CRYSTALS - Apples, lemon, lime, peach, red berries & sugar crystals

SUGAR CLOUDS - Raspbery, strawberry, pineapple, cotton candy & vanilla


TANGERINE MARSHMALLOW (IN HOUSE BLEND) - Sweet juicy tangerines with fluffy pink and white marshmallows


TANGERINE SORBET - Creamy sweet tangerine & vanilla

UNICORN DUST - Sweet fluffy cotton candy with strawberry & raspberry

UNICORN SHERBET - Blood orange, berries, sugar crystals & vanilla


VIMTO - Grapes, raspberries & blackcurrant

WARM MILK & SUGAR - Comforting fragrance of sweet warm milk and sugar


WHAM BAR - Chewy strawberry fizzy wham bar

WONG'S PIE - In memory of our dear friend Suze Wong, one of her favourite blends Strawberry Daiquiri & Lemonade




BABY POWDER - Smells just like freshly bathed babies


BALEARIC ISLAND - (IN HOUSE BLEND) A fresh blend of ocean mist, sea salt and ocean waves poured over citrus chunks

BLONDE MOMENT - Iced champagne, rich raspberries and strawberry

CHIFFON TUTU - (IN HOUSE BLEND)  Fresh peaches, vanilla orchid, sweet vanilla, soft pink petals with whipped vanilla chiffon icing

COCONUT ISLAND  - Coconut water, lime juice & lemongrass

COLD BUSTER - Cooling mint with menthol eucalyptus

FLOATING DRIFTWOOD - Super fresh ocean type with a manly twist


FORGOTTEN DREAMS - (IN HOUSE BLEND) Creamy sandalwood and vanilla with layers of pink soft petals and whipped chiffon icing

FROZEN  - Ice, bergamot, juniper berries, sea air & peppermint

HERBAL SALTS - Fresh and clean ocean type with sea salt and thyme

ICE CAVE - Spearmint, peppermint, vanilla cream & mint crumbles

LAVENDER SEASIDE - Lavender, sea salt, pink grapefruit & tonka bean

LEMON MINT LEAF - Spearmint leaves, lemon & vetiver


MUMS FACE CREAM - Memories of mum, nostalgic blend of lavender, violet, rose & lilies


PEACH NOEL - (IN HOUSE BLEND) Ripe peaches, whipped cream & vanilla bean

​PEPPERMINT - Cooling fresh mint


​PEPPERMINT FLUFF - Huckleberries, violet, peppermint and fluffy marshmallow


PIN UP GIRL (IN HOUSE BLEND) - Pretty pink & white girly perfumes with lavender


RAIN AFTER THE STORM - This fragrance captures the smell of rain as it hits the pavement on a summer stormy day

RELAXATION ROOM - Lavender, bergamot, lemon, soy milk, tonka bean & musk

RELAXATION SUITE - Soft sandalwood surrounded by sweet lavender buds


RHUBARB & ROSE - Tart rhubarb, pineapple a citrus twist & tea rose​​


SHAVING CREAM - Talc and musk

SEA SALT & ORCHID - Sea salt, ozone, jasmine, tonka bean & orchid


SEA SALT & SANDY SHORES - Crushed sea salt & driftwood

SLEEPY HEAD - (IN HOUSE BLEND)  Sleepy Lavender mint blend with a smidge of citrus

SLUMBER PARTY - (IN HOUSE BLEND ) Cute pink girly blend with lavender


​SPEARMINT - Refreshing spearmint


STRESSED OUT - (IN HOUSE BLEND) Soft sandalwood, herbal lavender & eucalyptus

STRESS RELIEF - Lavender, eucalyptus & ozone

​SUMMER LAWN - Fresh cut grass on a summers day

SWEATER WEATHER - Juniper berry, sage, eucalyptus and sweet spearmint

TIME FOR BED - (IN HOUSE BLEND) - Relaxing Lavender & a cup of warm milk

VANILLA BEAN NOEL - Vanilla bean, whipped cream and snow kissed musk

VANILLA CLOUDS - Perfume powdery vanilla


VERY VANILLA - Straight up creamy vanilla

​WARM VANILLA SUGAR - Vanilla, sandalwood and coconut


PUMPKIN SPONGE - Freshly baked yellow cake, pecans, melted butter & pumpkin filling

WITCHING HOUR - Cinnamon bark, bergamot, jasmine, black tea & patchouli

PUMPKIN CHEESECAKE - Cream cheese, whipped cream, pumpkin puree & maple

DRAGON'S BLOOD - Patchouli, vanilla, musk and sandalwood

PEANUT BUTTER COOKIES - Rich buttery peanut butter cookies

BUTTERED POPCORN - Freshly popped corn smothered in butter

DRAGON'S FIRE (IN HOUSE BLEND) - Patchouli, orange, sandalwood & vanilla

PUMPKIN PECAN WAFFLES - Warm pumpkin pecan waffles drenched in maple syrup and sprinkled with brown sugar



ALMOND SNOW - Almond, benzion, cassis & blackcurrant

FUN WITH THE FAIRIES - Candy floss, marshmallow & pear drops


HIGH STREET - Well known hit you in the face fragrance as you walk in the door 

KARMING - Patchouli & orange

TWILIGHT ZONE - Sweet lavender, tonka bean with a warm comforting malt


CANDY CANE - Sweet peppermint, vanilla & crunchy sugar


CANDY CANE & COCOA - Warm frothy cocoa with a sugary peppermint candy cane

CHRISTMAS SNOWFALL - Christmas tree, lemon, vanilla & apple


CHRISTMAS AT WOODSTOCK - Earthy hippy blend of patchouli, peppermint leaf and raspberries

CHRISTMAS TREE LANE - A winters walk in the forest, sweet fir needles and the greenery of a real christmas tree with a hint of sugar

CHRISTMAS IN NEW YORK - If you could capture christmas shopping in New York this is it, wafts of snickerdoodle cookie, fresh cut christmas tree and mulled wine

GINGERBREAD MEN - Ginger, nutmeg,cinnamon & vanilla


GLISTENING SNOW - Fresh bayberry with cinnamon and peppermint

GRANDMA'S KITCHEN - Apples, cinnamon and spice, warm and cosy like grandma's kitchen


PINK CANDY CANE (HOUSE BLEND) Sweet pinks and cooling mint

SANTA'S COOKIES - Maple syrup, gingerbread, vanilla & a hint of cinnamon

SANTA'S TIPPLE - Citrus fruits, vanilla & cognac


SANTA'S WORKSHOP - Candy canes, candy corn and fizzy pop


​SPARKLING SNOWFLAKE - Light and airy white musk mixed with fruity citrus, succulent sweet raspberries, a hint of jasmine, bergamot and creamy peppermint


SWEATER WEATHER - Juniper berry, sage, eucalyptus and sweet spearmint

TINSEL - Strawberries, raspberries, pomegranate, fresh peppermint leaves & vanilla

TWISTED PEPPERMINT - Cool mint, white sugar and sweet vanilla

VINTAGE XMAS - Lemon, orange, cranberry, fir notes & sugar

WINTER KISSES - Sweet raspberries, apples, blackcurrant & vanilla musk


XMAS LAUNDRY - Candy canes, sweet lavender & laundry

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