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Fragrance Descriptions


APRICOT - Sweet, ripe apricots


BLACK RASPBERRY & VANILLA  - Juicy blend of raspberries and blackberries with a lick of vanilla

LILT - Pineapple & Grapefruit

​RASPBERRY, STRAWBERRY & GUAVA - Fresh raspberry, strawberry and guava





FAIRY BUBBLES - Baby soft fabric conditioner

FRESH RAIN (SNUGGLE) - Violets & orange blossom 

LOADS OF LAUNDRY - House laundry washing powder

TIDE - USA laundry detergent

US SPRING - Violet, lily & orange flower


PERCY'S LAUNDRY - Powder laundry blend



CHERRY TOBACCO - Succulent dark cherries with crushed pipe tobacco leaves

DARK MELODY - Patchouli and oakmoss in a base of amber, neroli & musk

TABAC VANILLE - Tabac leaf, vanilla & tonka bean 

THE BOSS - Bergamot, lemon, vetiver and salty sea 

THE STUDY - Rich leather, cedarwood, dark tobacco, sandalwood & a roaring fire



KARMING - Patchouli & orange

PINK DAISIES - Pink grapefruit, spring daisies, goji berries, apple & pear blossom


SISTERS  IN PINK- Berries, vanilla, coconut, sandalwood, cotton candy and lemon drops

SAKURA - Mimosa, jasmine, lemon oil & orange flower



BANANA CREAM PIE - Bananas, butter, vanilla & pie crust

BANANA PUDDING - Creamy bananas with custard, meringue & vanilla wafers 

BANANA WARM MILK & SUGAR (IN HOUSE BLEND) Banana, vanilla with warm milk & sugar


CARAMEL CREAM - Sticky caramel, whipped cream & vanilla sugar


FOR MY LOVER - Raspberry, hello lover & pink sugar


GHOST TRAIN - Pumpkin pecan waffles, cider lane, marshmallow & blackberry


HELLO LOVER - Sugar cane, lemon rind and butter shortbread

VANILLA ICE CREAM - This is so good, thick whipping cream, sugar & vanilla extract

WILDBERRY MOUSSE - Wild berries, vanilla & cotton candy

ZUCCHINI BREAD - Fresh creamy zucchini bread





SUMMER LAWN - Fresh cut grass on a summers day




FOAM BANANA - Banana & vanilla

FUN WITH THE FAIRIES - Candy floss, marshmallow & pear drops


JUICY FRUITS - Fruity bubblegum blend with cinnamon


MAGICAL LAND - Raspberry, vanilla, cranberry & strawberry

MARSHMALLOW - Fluffy pink & white sweet marshmallows

STRAWBERRY DAIQUIRI - Fresh strawberries, bitter lemon zests and a lick of vanilla

VANILLA COLA CANDY - Fizzy soda crystals, sparkling sugar cane, creamy vanilla & essential oils



BABY POWDER - Smells just like freshly bathed babies

COLD BUSTER - Cooling mint with menthol eucalyptus

FLOATING DRIFTWOOD - Super fresh ocean type with a manly twist


FORGOTTEN DREAMS - (IN HOUSE BLEND) Creamy sandalwood and vanilla with layers of pink soft petals and whipped chiffon icing


GIRLS NIGHT IN - Vanilla, strawberries, sweet pink rock candy, violets & jasmine


LIFE ON THE OCEAN - Citrus, jasmine, lavender & fresh sea air

RAIN AFTER THE STORM - This fragrance captures the smell of rain as it hits the pavement on a summer stormy day

TWILIGHT ZONE - Sweet lavender, tonka bean with a warm comforting malt

VINE TOMATO LEAF - Fresh tomato vines, basil, cucumber & oregano

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