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Wicknwax is a UK based company formed in November 2000,  some 24 years ago after getting fed up with our addiction of buying scented wax that didn't smell.  We were one of only five candle making companies back then, so you could say one of the originals.

We were disappointed shop brought wax had hardly any scent throw or were melting badly.  After many months of testing and trying different waxes, additives, scents and wicks,  Wicknwax was formed.


In 2022 we moved onto creating home decor as well as wax which you can find under the Home Decor banner

All our wax is highly scented using  USA fragrance oils, so you can enjoy a strong scent throw, unlike machine made wax, ours are tested to ensure a strong scent throw whilst melting and not just in the wrapper - if they don't smell we don't sell them!!, we never just throw a fragrance together, our in house blends are tested and tweaked until it's how we want it, our scents are distributed throughout the melt not just sprayed around like most machine made wax.  Contrary to belief all wax is not the same, try a good hand poured vendor compared to machine made wax and you will notice the difference. We use vegetable wax or a parasoy blend for our wax tarts and candles.  

We have been featured in the Daily Express and worked with various celebrities and also worked with Lenor and made candles for the launch of new fabric conditioner scents. We are lucky enough to have a huge customer base now who return time after time.

Our wax products all follow the strict CLP regulations which are applicable from 1st June 2015 according to EU regulations. CLP is a legal requirement despite us no longer being in the EU. CLP regs requires chemicals to be classified for their hazards and allergens

All our waxes are hand poured in small batches using timeless methods with no machinery and each one is hand inspected before being wrapped for despatch.


Wax is packed within 48hrs (not including weekends) by  Danielle, Tracey or Faith and sent by Royal Mail, please add your phone number or email when you checkout this will allow the carrier to text/email you with an hourly slot for your delivery. We may hold your order when the weather is warm to avoid meltage

Please feel free to  join the Wicknwax Candes Chat Group on Facebook to get up to date news of new products.

Custom orders are hand poured at the time of order, we do not carry stock because we want you to have  freshly poured wax every time. Please allow time for your order to be freshly made. If you require a custom order please email us 

None of the ingredients or fragrances we use are tested on animals

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